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George's search for perfection...
George Dan Minculete is the man behind Tightloop fly rods. Based in Romania, George grew up as a trout bum, fishing in the remote and beautiful streams of his native Transylvania, one of Europe's last remaining wild places.
George's search for the perfect trout rod started when he began building fly rods in 1999, at the age of 18, and has continued professionally since 2003.
Each Tightloop rod is an unique project, designed for a specific task George has in mind.
The process starts with the careful selection of the very best blank for the purpose and the choice of fittings to best compliment that blank. George then adds some "soul" to the process by bringing these elements together with painstaking care and exquisite attention to detail. The end result is a perfectly crafted, fully functional, finely tuned fly rod. George's Tightloop rods are recognised internationally as being amongst the best available, anywhere.
George says: "These rods come from my heart and soul. They are created for the love of beauty and perfection."
He is still looking for perfection but I think he's already found it. is very privileged to be an agent for Tightloop rods. George has agreed to send completed rods which will be offered for sale. details of these rods will be published on this page as soon as they become available. Currently a Tightloop Ijuin Yomogi demo. rod is under construction and should be here sometime in June for and you can find initial details of this rod in “DEMO ROD” section below. In the same section you will also find details of the last Tightloop demo rod, which has now found a new forever home! Details of more rods that George is planning to send soon and which will be available to buy can be seen in the "COMING SOON” section.

Warranty: Tightloop rods are backed by a lifetime warranty for workmanship and defects in materials. If you encounter any problem with your rod during use, please CONTACT ME for repair.


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George has sent me this heirloom grade Steffen Bros 8’ 4/5 wt. 4 piece rod.
This rod is built on a what has become a modern classic amongst the current generation of fibreglass blanks.
It has been built to George’s uncompromising high level of finish and features the very best available fittings.
This beautiful rod is available for immediate shipment.

Now available at a new price of £595

George Says:
"An heirloom grade quality Steffen rod. Along with the legendary 3/4 and 5/6 wt. Steffen Brothers make, this newer 4/5wt. taper is one of my favorites. The rod can cast a Rio Gold wf5 very smooth and at any fishing distances. Big river dry fly fishing or light streamers this rod will shine. I preffer the four pieces versions over the three pieces because of the slightly faster action. This rod will have a different feel than say the Epic 580 due to the different materials, tapers and ferrule design, but both rods are serious contenders in the five weight fiberglass category.
The rod features one of my Lemke signature reel seats with an exceptional maple burl wood insert than only Joel is able to do (honestly I've never seen one like it), a gorgeous Struble medium amber agate guide, one exceptional Goldenwitch blued nickel silver winding check that complements the reel seat perfectly. The silk I used was something new in a so called dark gold color. Love how the wraps turned out after epoxying. Handmade leather case. All in all this is just a beautiful, classic fly rod."
Please CONTACT ME if you have any questions.

Price £595 GBP including global shipping.


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Here is George’s Tightloop Ijuin Rods Yomogi 7' 3wt. 3 piece rod. This rod was originally meant to be a demo rod but I have decided to offer it for sale and it is now available for immediate shipping.

(I have a plan: If this rod sell’s first I will keep the Steffen Bros. 8’ 4/5wt rod above as my Tighloop Demo. rod and if the Steffen sells first I’ll keep this on a as a demo.)

George Says: "Here is another sweet fiberglass rod I finished up recently. This one is a Ijuin Yomogi parabolic action for Alternative Tackle in the UK. Mark Leggett sent me this blank to be built. The rod is fitted very exquisite with a Bellinger nickel silver reel seat and a gorgeous circassian walnut insert, nickel complementary winding check, an amber agate guide and Universal Snake guides wrapped in cinnamon silk-tipped yellow, and classic cigar grip. I also wanted to do a leather tube for the rod so it took a little more time to complete it."
Please CONTACT ME for more information or if you have any questions.

Price £570 GBP including global shipping.