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LH Design Titanium Reels

Leen Huisman on the L.H.Design Programme
The L.H. Design programme is based on two principles. On the one hand there is the firm belief that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever", and L.H. Design fly rods and fly reels are trying to prove that saying true. On the other hand it goes without saying that the functional aspects of the design should certainly not be forgotten. Every craftsman knows that perfection is always one step away, yet the L.H. Design program is certainly striving for perfection. Now, and in the future, L.H. Design will be a guarantee for balanced design and craftsmanship.
LH Design Titanium Fly Reels.
Leen produces hand made titanium fly reels that are the ultimate marriage of craftsmanship, art and technical expertise. Each reel is entirely handmade and Leen takes his craft seriously and will not allow anything less than perfection to leave his workshop. Leen is able to accommodate most custom order requests and various engraving options are also available to order. The standard range covers every fly fishing situation from light trout to salmon, pike, sea trout or saltwater and Leen is always working on new variations and models.
Commitment to maintaining the highest quality means there will normally be a significant waiting time for one of these reels. However, Leen sometimes has reels available for immediate delivery Please see the AVAILABLE NOW section below for details. New reels are always in development and you can find details of reels which are being added to the range in the NEW section . For more details of Leen's full reel range and order details, please visit the ORDER section. Leen also makes beautiful rods, visit the L.H.DESIGN RODS page to discover more.

Available Now

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Leen has one LH Design 5 pillar Arrowhead 9/10 wt. fly reel ready to be finished and shipped. He says:

"I could finish this Salmon reel these days and the specs are as follows:
It is an Arrowhead 5 pillar model. Diameter 100 mm. Width 44 mm (Frame) and 32 mm between the spool plates. Rated 9/10 Wt.
This reel is a special: Normally the cage ring at the reel's backside is from TUFNOL a phenolic resin impregnated fabric (cotton). Further all Arrowhead spools are made from PEI (polyetherimide) however; THIS REEL IS ENTIRELY MADE FROM PURE TITANIUM GRADE 2 additionally the spool is a MONOBLOCK!!
The backside of the frame is freehand engraved with a hunting sea trout. This reel will come in a lamb's fleece pouch. "

Please CONTACT ME to purchase this reel or if you want to know more.


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Leen has started production of his Amber Lightweight Series 4/5 Titanium and PEI reels which weigh just 110 grams. The reels have a non adjustable clicker overrun protection and come with a choice of spool; a standard spool or one with a palming rim. Reels come in a black fleece lined pouch and spare spools have an amber coloured pouch, which matches the colour of the PEI material perfectly.
Leen now plans to produce these reels in batches of about 6 reels at a time. I anticipate that these reels will go quickly but if you'd like to reserve one they are available to pre-order. To place an order a 50% deposit will be required with the balance due when your reel is ready to ship.
Please CONTACT ME to reserve one of these reels or if you want to know more.
Reel with Standard Spool: Euro €595
Reel with Palming Rim: Euro €615
Spare Standard Spool:Euro €165
Spare Spool With Palming Rim: Euro €185
(Plus shipping at cost).


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Amber Trout
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Amber Salmon
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Arrowhead 3 pillar PEI spool
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Arrowhead 3 pillar Titanium spool
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Arrowhead 5 pillar PEI spool
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Arrowhead 5 pillar Titanium spool
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Highland Reel with Celtic Knot engraving
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Highland Reel
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Highland Reel
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A and AA Series
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AA Series
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A Series
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B Series With Custom Engraving
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B Series
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B Series with PEI spool
Lightweight Reel 4/5
Cage construction, fixed clicker titanium frame with PEI spool reels. Weight 100grams. There is a choice of standard or palming rim spools. Reels come in a black fleece pouch and spare spools come with an amber coloured pouch.
Please contact me for more information.
Reel with Standard Spool: Euro €595
Reel with Palming Rim: Euro €615
Spare Standard Spool:Euro €165
Spare Spool With Palming Rim: Euro €185
(Plus shipping at cost).
Recommended for general trout fishing. No drag system. Clicker only.
The reel comes with one PEI spool and one titanium mono block spool with one frame in a fleece reel pouch, with a high quality cloth pouch for the spare spool.

Capacity: WF4F + 50yds 20lb backing
Weight: 4.0ozs / 113gms
Diameter: 2.8ins / 7.1cms
Width: 0.8ins / 2.0 cms

Please contact me for latest pricing.

Amber Trout and Salmon reels
These reels were developed in partnership with Alex Kaplun of Megoff Fly Reels. The Amber Trout reel is a traditionally designed “clicker” only fly reel, with a classic serpentine handle and enclosed spool frame. Made of Titanium with translucent amber, extremely stable PEI plastic side plates, it has ample capacity for 5/6 weight fly lines & backing. The Amber Salmon is a classically designed,10-12wt modern, high tech. Salmon reel with a superbly smooth, functional & effective drag system.

Please contact me for latest pricing.

Superb trout reels with a full drag system. Leen's innovative design & use of materials is unique & the quality of manufacture and aesthetic appeal is unmatched.
Leen says these maybe the best reels he has ever made and I think he may be right. They are my favourite Trout reel....
The ARROWHEAD comes in 4 Wt. and 5 Wt. versions, with caged 3 pillar frames and a 7/8 version with a 5 pillar caged frame. Reels are available with PEI &/or Titanium spools

Please contact me for specification and latest pricing.
Minimalist, hubless, beautiful design. Perfectly engineered and faultlessly executed.
Available in 4-5 and 7wt. models. Both frame and the spool from are made from solid blocks of Ti. using the “Monoblock” construction method. (Reel shown with celtic knot engraving, available at extra cost.)
"A new challenge for both L.H.Design and Megoff was the design of a hubless reel.The heart of reels of this type is the bearing. The bearing we found for the Highland reel gives a perfectly balanced “starting inertia” and combined with the ability to “hand palming” the spool rim, provides all the drag control that is needed."
Please contact me for specification and latest pricing.
A and AA 
AA Series: no.2/3, no.4 and no.5
These models are "clicker only"and can be used for both for right hand and left hand retrieve.
A Series: no.4 and no.5.
Titanium reels with Bickerdyke line guard and Leen's full drag system.
Series AA no.2/3:
Capacity: WF3F + 30yds 20lb backing.
Series A & AA no.4:
Capacity: WF4F + 50yds 20lb backing.
Series A & AA no.5:
Capacity WF5F + 75yds 20lb backing.
Please contact me for latest pricing.
B Series: 4#, #5, #6/7 and #8
Cage construction, full drag system reels. The engraved reel shown is a "beaverkill" special, available singly or as a set, with presentation wooden boxes (price on application).
Series B no.4:
Capacity: WF4F + 60yds 20lb backing.
Series B no.5:
Capacity: WF5F + 90yds 20lb backing.
Series B no.6/7:
Capacity: WF7F + 100yds 20lb backing.
Series B no.8:
Capacity: WF8F +225yds 20lb
Please contact me for latest pricing.
Leen Huisman
of LH Design is able to offer a wide variety of design and finish options on custom order reels, from varying materials and function to original artwork and hand engraving.
To place a custom order: Please Contact me to discuss your requirements. I will then let you know what options are available, what the final price will be, how long it will take to be delivered and when payment will be due.
When you are ready to pay, you can do so by electronic bank transfer, PayPal, cheque, telephone to pay by credit card, or pay online using the secure shopping cart. If you choose to pay online please enter the agreed price in the box below and follow the cart’s instructions to complete your payment as usual. I will keep you updated on your order's progress until it is delivered to your door.