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Christian Hörgren is a rod builder from Stockholm, Sweden. He works mainly with premium fiberglass blanks from contemporary and vintage manufacturers. He is also a reel designer and will offer his first reel by the beginning of 2014.
Christian Hörgren Fine Tackle was founded in 2012. After many years of rod building, reel collecting and fishing interesting rods and reels from the last 30 years, Christian decided to take his hobby one step further. Working full time as an architect it's still a second life project, but the ambition is to offer high-end design and unique fly fishing objects in every sense. The architectural approach is visible through out his work, with great attention to detail, performance, colours and materials. The ambition is not to offer a consistent line of rods, but to develop a personal style and approach to fly fishing.
Fine Tackle rods are built in a minimalistic and sparse style. Every blank deserves to be treated in its own unique way, with its own appointments and unique hardware. To achieve this, Christian is working with custom made hardware, inspired by industrial design and contemporary jewellery. The history of fly tackle is an important source of inspiration for his work, but he avoids replicating someone else's work, and instead aim for a personal and contemporary design.
Being a trout fisherman, Christian Hörgren mostly builds rods in 3-6wt. Light, progressive fiberglass tapers in lengths around 7'-8 is his comfort zone, and he would love to see more parabolic rods on the market. Christian has been developing tapers together with James Green (USA) for several years, and together they have designed a 7'4'', 4wt semi-parabolic. A typical Fine Tackle rod has a smooth and deep loading action, a responsive tip with fast recovery and a good back bone to fight large fish. The minimalistic approach reduces the weight of the rod, which gives it a crisper and more responsive action. The performance of a rod is a result of the configuration of the blank, the choice of appointments and the reel seat and grip ergonomics. The minimalistic approach is not only for the eyes, but a well thought through philosophy on how to make the perfect fly rod.
Christian Hörgren is collaborating with James Green (US), and also representing Tom Morgan Rodsmiths (US) and Epic Swift Fly Fishing (NZ) and is actively pursuing new collaborations. His reel design is featured by John Lindeman on Class Reels (NL). In January 2013 Christian Hörgren was honoured with a membership as a Journeyman Rod Builder in the newly formed Rodsmith's Guild.
Instead of working with an order list, Christian now offers unique one-off rods through Alternative Tackle.
For more information and further insight into Christian’s work and motivation, the blog site “Tippets and Tales” has now published an excellent interview.
Details of rods that are available for immediate shipping can be found in the "AVAILABLE NOW" section below. To receive regular updates, please sign up to the newsletter or keep an eye on the Facebook page.

Available Now

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Christian doesn't limit his skills as a rod maker and his minimalist design aesthetic to producing only fibreglass rods; he also produces the occasional (stunning) graphite rod… if the blank is one that excites his interest as a rod maker.This one is a Loop Cross S1 series 8ft 6ins 3wt. in a 4 piece configuration.

Here is what Christian has to say:
"Last year in March I participated in the Swedish Sportfishing Fair. One of the evenings, I was approached by Mr Gordon Sim, CEO of Loop Tackle. He was familiar of my work, and proposed a collaboration. Loop is a Swedish company that I have always admired, with great inventions and bold ideas. The offer was very flattering, and I decided to accept the challenge. I have been featuring a lot of fiberglass builds over the last five years, but to be honest, my philosophy is that all materials shine in their own way. This is the first outcome of our collaboration, a sweet 8'6'', 3wt graphite rod from the amazing Cross S1 series. I made one of these rods a couple years back, and decided to develop this build a few steps further. This blank is extremely light weight, and reasonably long for being a 3wt. Perfect for lifting up line when you have high banks behind you, or for high stick nymphing. Appointed with an all cork seat, with rubber/delrin butt cap, blued NS rings and pyrographic logo. No cork check, instead using the old Fine Tackle void. Straight Ritz grip, 5.5'' long, extra thin profile. Snake Brand Universals, wrapped with YLI silk in Charcoal. The reel is the iconic Loop Model 1, the smallest in the family - a perfect match. I have a bunch of upcoming trout weight blanks from this series. I hope that Mr. Sim will appreciate the result. I look forward to continue the collaboration with the amazing guys at Loop Tackle."
CONTACT ME if you have any questions.
Price: £650.00 (inclusive of global shipping)
Available for immediate shipping direct from Christian's workshop in Sweden.