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The Signed Series

The following FH Paddock "Signed Series " rods are now available for immediate shipping:

7'0"-#5-2pc. "signed series" (the clear glass)
7'9"-#4-3pc. "signed series" (the clear glass)
8'0"-#5-3pc. "signed series" (the clear glass)
8'3"-#6-3pc. "signed series" (the clear glass)
8'6"-#7-3pc. "signed series" (the clear glass)

Fred Says:
The "Signed Series" rods are my 'standard' build. The 7' to 8' rods all feature down locking nickel silver sliding band reel seat hardware with a classic formed pocket cap. The 8'6" 7wt. piece has uplocking, threaded barrel reel seat hardware and the 8'3" 6wt. 3 piece, has downlocking, threaded barrel reel seat hardware. The reel seat inserts are black cherry from Wisconsin, the wood inserts are cut and finish in house. The natural flor cork grips are proportioned to each model. Nickel silver winding check. Struble black agate stripping guide, Snake Brand chrome guides and tip top. Silver main wraps and dark green tipping. The rod bag is made by me, the rod tube has a mill aluminum finish and brass hardware. The rod bag and tube are labeled. Ordering and Shipping: US and other non EU international customers will have their rod shipped direct from Fred’s workshop. Any import duties, taxes or customs charges will remain your responsibility.
Please use the cart below to place your order and select the appropriate shipping option for your region.
(UK and EU customers, please click HERE to place your orders.)
US and non EU Customers: Price $695 USD (plus shipping). Please click below to place your order.
  1. 7 Foot 0 inches 5 weght 2 piece SOLD
  2. 7 Foot 9 inches 4 weght 3 piece SOLD
  3. 8 Foot 0 inches 5 weght 3 piece SOLD
  4. 8 Foot 3 inches 6 weght 3 piece
  5. 8 Foot 6 inches 7 weght 3 piece
  1. US Shipping add $30.00
  2. Non EU/US shipping add $50