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Christian Horgren Fly Reels
Christian Horgren is the man behind Fine Tackle fly rods. He is from Sweden and is an architect, musician and father of a young family too... but still finds time to make and design wonderful fly fishing tackle. You can find out more about him by visiting his Fine Tackle fly rods page on this site or his Fine Tackle Blog. Below is Christian's description of how his reel was developed, taken from his Blog:
"Monday, April 8, 2013…
This reel has been a pet project over the last two years. I have designed it, and the prototype was built by my friend Anders Schagerström. We have been exchanging ideas and pictures daily, and sent material, images and prototypes between us. All in the search for the perfect fly reel.
The working title has been "Can", with the classic tuna can reels in mind. The design is classic and minimalistic, but I tried to give it a unique touch with the engraving on the frame and the choice of materials. I have been looking at my favorite reels and made a Frankenstein of them. Bits and pieces from all over the world and the last century.
The size is perfect for 3/4/5wt rods. It's a click and pawl reel with a delrin mechanism, with a plain shaft bearing in aluminium bronze (JM7). There is a fixed difference between pay and retrieve, and it can be turned but needs a LH clicker. The reel foot is also made of aluminium bronze, the frame is made from anodized 6082-T6 aluminium , and the spool is made of PEI plastic. The reel weight is 96g (3.4 oz), with spool diameter 72mm (2.80"), and spool width 17mm (0.66")."
Christian's reel design are now being manufactured in Holland and marketed as part of the developing DAP reels project. Please see below for current availability and pricing details.


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Christian Horgren's fly reels are available again... but supply remains very limited. “Standard” reel sets consisting of one PEI and one aluminium spool in a wooden presentation box are available to order now and cost £475 plus shipping. Delivery timescales will be confirmed at time of order. Update:The leather reel pouches have not yet arrived for Christian’s reels, so there is currently a 5 week wait for delivery with shipping expected to start @ 14th of May.
DAP Reels are now also producing full titanium and opalised Christian Horgren reels as well as titanium spools, along with various other options. You can see images above. Please Contact Me to find out more.
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