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Chris Barclay lives in North Carolina and fishes his local mountain streams and throughout the U.S., wherever he can find remote waters full of free rising wild trout. His rod designs reflect his passion for these rivers but he also produces rods for large predatory fish in both salt and fresh water.
His deep understanding of fibreglass, as a rod making material and his may hours spent "product testing" on the water enable him to get the very best out of the qualities of his chosen material. By combining this expertise with his exceptional rod making ability Chris is able to produce rods that are beautifully finished, highly functional, and always of the highest quality: Just, Beautiful Fly Fishing Rods.

Chris says:
"I am a designer and maker of fine small batch fiberglass fly rods. I also build rods on a custom basis upon client request on a wide variety of blanks and materials. I have my own line of fiberglass rod blanks that I designed and have made for me by a well respected and high quality blank manufacturer.

I chose to create my fly rods from fiberglass due to the superior flex, feel and fishability. These aren’t the same ‘glass rods from the early days of fiberglass fly rods when they were typically an inexpensive alternative to bamboo rods and an intermediary step to graphite. They are much improved and utilize the highest quality materials and technology available to get the most out of the taper of the blank. I use only the finest components to build my rods. From brass, aluminum and nickel silver seat hardware made especially for me to top flor grade cork from Portugal to ultra fine silk thread and spar varnish."

Initially Alternative Tackle will be focussing on Chris' new Synthesis Series of fibreglass rods. We will hold stock of the 68, 72, 79 and 82 models (see full details below) which will be available for immediate shipping. Other models will be available to order. listed on this website are available from stock, for immediate shipment. to UK and EU customers. US and other international customers will have their rod shipped direct from Chris’ workshop and will be responsible for paying shipping and any import charges.

Custom Orders.
If you'd like to find out more about Chris' custom order rods then please let us know and we can put you in touch with Chris.

Please CONTACT ME for more info.

"The Synthesis Series"

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"My Synthesis Series of rods is complex yet uncomplicated. These blanks are made domestically here in the US for me, to my exact specifications. A technologically advanced fusion of parabolic and progressive fly rod tapers, blending my two previous series of rods without watering down the effectiveness and feel. Making use of advanced compound tapers, seamless and functional tip over butt ferrules and traditional e-glass. Not necessarily progressive or parabolic, the best of all synthesized into a new classic.

Smooth and unhurried with quick recovery. Responsive tip, mid and butt sections. You feel the cast and the fish."
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C.Barclay Synthesis Series Fibreglass Fly Rods:

Available Now:
68: A 6'8" 3wt 3 piece
I like to call the Blue Ridge Special. Small secluded mountain streams and brook trout.
72: A 7’2" 4wt 3 piece I like to call the Driftless Special. Delicate delivery and casting control.
79: A 7'9" 4/5wt 3 piece I like to call the General Practitioner. A general purpose trout rod. I will make this one with an extra tip on occasion and will also make a 5 piece travel version.
82: An 8'2" 4/5wt 4 piece rod I like to call the Tailwater Special. Long casts, tiny flies and ultimate control.

Available to Order
7-6: A 7’ 6wt 3 piece (black glass)
. This is my infamous Lil Stiffy, previously a limited edition rod I designed for small water, big fly big fish rod. The unique rod taper provides an incredible ability to shoot and control line that leaves plenty of room for big and little fish feel and control.
777: A 7’7” 7wt 3 piece rod I call the Jackpot. A bass rod I designed to pull big fish out of heavy cover. Suitable for fishing mangroves, salt ready.
8-6: An 8' 6wt 3 piece. Hex hatch in Michigan or Smallmouth in Virginia. Big Lil Stiffy. Yellow.
868: The 8’6” 8/9wt 4 piece. A saltwater flats worthy rod. Salt Flats. Lighter than you think possible with superior accuracy and distance control.

CONTACT ME if you have any questions.
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