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406 FLY LINES are especially produced for the growing number of fibreglass rod users, but will also appeal to bamboo rod owners and users of “slower” action rods.
The concept behind these fly lines is simple, elegant and very clever. It makes you wonder why nobody else has thought of it before! 406 Fly Lines are based in Montana in the US. Here is their story:

406 Fly Lines is a small family owned business started to give the older fiberglass and slow action rod user and the new glass rod owner an opportunity to use the fly lines originally designed "back in the day" for their classic rods. The tapers are based on some of the most popular vintage tapers tweaked with modern materials.
Ever try to find a double taper lines these days? One of the largest manufacturers today has over 52 different tapers in their 2013 catalog and exactly one double taper in limited sizes. 406 lines will be available in sizes up to 9 weight in both double taper and weight forward to accommodate your rods.
At the risk of sounding trendy living in one of the most beautiful places on the planet is a privilege we don't take lightly. All product packaging is manufactured with 100% recyclable materials. The fly lines are manufactured in the USA in a state of the art environmentally friendly facility.
We are committed to providing the finest fly lines available today at a reasonable cost. We don't have an advertising department that spends a ton of money trying to convince you to buy from us by claiming to be the next big thing. Lexi and I believe that word of mouth is the best advertising.
To that end we offer a simple promise to you - If you are not satisfied with any product purchased from us simply return it with no questions asked for a full refund.”

You can find
full details of lines available and place your order below….


406 Vintage Fly Lines: The Vintage Series was designed with simplicity in mind. There are two different lines, a double taper and a weight forward. The DT line has a longer front taper for more delicate dry fly work and the WF line, with a shorter front taper, accommodates a broader range of flies in the larger sizes.
Both lines come in an 80' length in sizes 3 through 5 and 90' in sizes 6 through 8. We feel the extra length isn't needed in the smaller sizes and the shorter length will more easily accommodate the smaller reels that were used when your older rods were in their heyday.
To accommodate the vast majority of glass, cane, and other slow action rods available today 406 lines were designed for accuracy and a smooth presentation, not a double hauling "rip your underwear" type cast. If you need a line that you can throw a country mile please look elsewhere. If you want a line that will land where you want without spooking the entire pool then these are for you.
All 406 fly lines utilize AST technology which gives the line incredible slickness and allows it to float like nobody's business.”
Lines are available in Weight Forward and Double Taper profiles in line sizes 3 to 8 and are currently available to order only (lines from stock will be available soon). Delivery times should be @ 5-10 days. All lines are finished in a light olive colour.
Price: £50.00 (shipping included)